Model casting calls & SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS 

I am always looking for models/social media influencers/anyone with an amazing style and loves to be in front of the camera! I don't care how many followers you have. If want to connect with me please send me a message. 

Model casting calls: Shoots are free, you must post, share and tag me in the image and in caption.  *You get about 30 photos from free shoots. You can't edit or use filters on these. 

Influencers: I also do extended shoots for influencers starting at $300 (2.5 hours) and includes 200+ images. I don't retouch the images, I only go through a sort out the bad ones, and adjust levels, lighting, contrast, etc. You will have them in a few hours via digital download. Credit is a must and you can use your own filters and edit how you like. I still hold copyright. Travel rates will be applied. + contract must be signed and payment received prior to shoot.

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My Credentials 
Jordan Younger @thebalancedblonde
Alex DeMartino @alessandra.demartino
Niki DeMartino @niki
Olen @iamjustolena
Rachel Elle @rachel__elle Fashion Designer & Blogger
Tara @thewholetara food and lifestyle blogger * no longer active


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