I am first, a photographer. Not just a wedding photographer, not just a family photographer, not just a portrait photographer, but a photographer. Someone who's passion is to photograph the life and people around her. I don't put myself and skills into one "type" of photography because I love it all! My only goal is to create images you will cherish and to create memories for years to come! I put my heart, soul, into everything I capture! I don't just show up to the shoot, I plan what best fits each person style and vision, from location, to poses and helping style what your wearing.  

I picked up my first camera a 110 film camera, a purple one when I was young and the addiction grew! I knew I had something when I felt at home with a camera in my hand. I always loved art and design, I went to college for Graphic Design and as much as I love design photography is a whole other level! Photography is truly a gift to me, and I feel so fortunate to get to do what I do! I love to get to know my clients as we shoot. It brings out their true selves and help them relaxed and comfortable in front me. My passion is to document life, mile stones & love through my lens.

I love ALL animals

I can eat sushi everyday

I love all things Starbucks

I love boxing 

Graphic Designer 

I love NYC and only 90 minutes for me! 

My name is just Jennie, it's not short for Jennifer 

My favorite singers are Bryan White, Kelly Clarkson

I love to travel! So if you got a fun location for your shoot I am there!

I have a great Nephew who is my favorite people!

Crafts & DIY's I love me some Michaels & Hobby Lobby!

Gilmore Girls "it's a lifestyle it's a religion" and Friends forever!

fun facts 

Thundercats fixie Williamsburg, photo booth synth vinyl dreamcatcher Wes Anderson cliche. You probably haven’t heard of them.

Single-origin coffee coloring book master cleanse tumblr la croix. Edison bulb plaid iPhone, drinking next level distillery literally pug venmo bushwick.