Hey there!

I'm Jennie and I have been professional photographing since 2009. I have always had a passion for the arts, growing up I loved to draw! As I got older I loved taking photos with my old purple 110 camera. When I got to high school I discovered Graphic Design. I went to college and got my degree in Graphic Design and still love it BUT photography is my true passion, my creative outlet, I always have some form of camera in my hand!

I have been documenting weddings and portraits of all kinds for over 11 years now! My shooting style is a melting pot, I bring inspiration from art of all kinds – fashion, architecture, nature , and documentary photography. My approach is to capture your wedding or portraits with a chic and timeless look!  


my style



Teddy Bear

Scooter Pie (aka Puppy


I love ALL animals

I can eat sushi everyday

I love all things Starbucks

I love boxing 

Graphic Designer 

I love NYC and only 90 minutes for me! 

My name is just Jennie, it's not short for Jennifer 

My favorite singers are Bryan White, Kelly Clarkson

I love to travel! 

I have a great Nephew who is my favorite people!

Crafts & DIY's I love me some Michaels & Hobby Lobby!

Gilmore Girls "it's a lifestyle it's a religion" /  Friends forever! Big Bang Theory!

Fun facts

Thundercats fixie Williamsburg, photo booth synth vinyl dreamcatcher Wes Anderson cliche. You probably haven’t heard of them.

Single-origin coffee coloring book master cleanse tumblr la croix. Edison bulb plaid iPhone, drinking next level distillery literally pug venmo bushwick.